A simple hell(o).

I have counted, and I am still continuously counting. The blessing that God has given. The sunny days that came out in the windy and cloudy autumn days. The hours that I spent for the deep sleeping. The hours that I spent without worrying the student life (or the upcoming researches). And the hours when we finally met.

You and your egos. Me and my pride.

We have nothing to say. We have nothing to regret for. We only realized if this simple hello has led us to the complicated decision. The complicated assumption. The complicated puzzle that has been transformed as the distant memory.

You and your life. Me and my piece of brokenhearted.

It was there, since you told me the beautiful lies.

However, you don’t have to worry about anything. I won’t sue you for those lies, or for making me become a naive person. Once again.

Because of you, the reason that makes me closer to the real life. The stage that always offers a beautiful fluctuation. Happiness and sadness, simultaneously.

O dear scar, here I appreciate you.


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