Heavy to carry

I have a heavy heart to carry.
There are a lot of things need to be handled carefully.
From my thoughts to my feelings, my memories to my scars.
My dreams and my pride.

I remembered when you told me that I am a stubborn and defensive person.
I did not argue you, because they were right.
They are totally right.
I also remembered when you said that I could be so fierce and straightforward, even to the person that I care so much.
I also did not argue. Because once again, you were right.

Many people say that you should act nicely to the beloved ones. Talk as sweet as a candy, as calm as the deep blue sea, as colorful as the rainbow.
Many people also say that you should be loveable for the beloved ones. Read them a fancy poems, sing them a beautiful lullaby, or simply tell them gorgeous.
Unfortunately, those remarkable fortunes seemed far away from me.

I own a heavy heart to carry.
As heavy as the love that I could offer.
As heavy as the honesty that I could put in my words.
As heavy as the willing to keep the promises.
Hopefully, all of those make us even.


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