Light Blue

It was two days ago, when the universe played its role once again. It was not by coincidence. Because you and me–both of us have agreed that nothing is coincidence in this world. We believed that everything comes with a reason. Everything (mostly) has also been set.

And it was simply like an innocent table, which one of its fates was taking part in our memories—Oh well, my memory.

We were sitting next to each other and were only 10 cm away. Sometimes I can sense when your left arm touched my right arm. Not because you liked to do so, but it was more about the spaces. Let’s blame the size of the table which we should share with seven others.

I was enjoying my lunch menu, and you–as always–were busy talking with others, and the today’s topic was about a party, somewhere else around this city.
No surprised.
Until I clearly heard a voice was coming from a guy next to me. I did not need any sound detector or other sophisticated instruments, because I knew for sure if that was you.
Your voice.

“say something, won’t you?” You said it gently
“should I? because I am really enjoying my meal now” Me, trying to say it less fiercely
“by the way, we are talking about a party in the firehouse or waterhouse. Hmm.. I can’t recall the name, but anyway, maybe some time you should try to go to party and see what happens there” You kept saying as if I gave the huge enthusiasm about that
“hei.. c’mon. I am not deaf. I can still hear what all of you are talking about” (Judge me anything you want, from the way I am talking)
You stared at me for a while and probably started to realize that trying to be nice with this kind of girl was not really a good decision. I did not blame you when you finally chose your lunch box rather than talk with me.

“by the way, it was good job for the presentation” Now, it was not you, but another guy who was sitting in front of us, who also was our classmate.
“really? did you think so?”
“yes, you were loud and giving a very clear explanation”
“oh.. thank you!” I said it politely and happily
“yes, it was really a good job” You boldly repeated, which I unfortunately found it as another way of making fun of me
For this time, I stared back at you and said “Oh c’mon..stop it. Won’t you?”
“hahaha! yes, you shouldn’t listen to him!” That classmate guy responded
“don’t worry. Because I never listened to him!” Me, saying it little bit loudly
This time, you really took away your attention from the lunch box and said “REALLY??! SO, YOU NEVER LISTENED TO ME?”
and yes, it was louder.

I stared at you, exactly looked into your brownish eyes, and I gave you a smile.
I had no idea if you noticed or not. All of those were just a game, I really liked to see your frustrated face, when you thought that everyone in this world would agree with all of your sayings, but me, the only one who against you, and always will be.
That frustrated and stubborn face which tried to convince me with a lot of theories–I do really miss.

Later on, I was silence.
Not because I did not like to have a conversation or gave up to tease you with another situation, but it was more about this 10 cm distance. Your light-blue perfume reached my memory, once again.


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