Time does Fly

It was 31st January 2012 when I finally stepped in the land of Europe. One of continents that has filled my wish-list for so long, either since I was in junior high school, or even younger. Oh well, I cannot clearly remember. But despite those non-reliable memories, shortly it was one of my dreams.

To be honest, I did not have any amazing reasons about Europe land. I only like traveling, and it seems very logic to do that in the land of Europe. Where the borders from one country to another are just like 100 m away (or even less). Let’s say Rome and Vatican. Two countries which are separated by only a fence.

As the day I landed in Schiphol-Amsterdam, apparently it was the second day of snowing. People said that this year they had a late winter. I did not know exactly how to react, my feeling was in between. Either excited or worry. Excited to have the first experience of snowing. Worried due to this minus degrees something which greeted me well. However, the decision has been made, I cannot just go back to Indonesia again, to borrow the sunshine or cancel all the plannings ahead. Because I already signed a contract, that from this day until the next two years, the Netherlands would be as my second home.

Well, apart from that “is-the-thing-that-I-really-want”-syndrome, I still remembered how I was struggling in carrying my 30 kg luggage. I had to travel from Amsterdam to a little city in the Netherlands. Let’s name it as Wageningen, where the Wageningen University is located. At first, I never heard about the greatness of this university. I always thought to have somewhere in Germany or Switzerland. This university was a spontaneous choice that I made under the desperate willing to have a student life experience again. When other universities and scholarships did not open any applications for February period, Wageningen University did the unusual offer.

Oh well, I haven’t told you the not-so-fun-part, if only I could choose, I’d better to have a student life in the very long period than having a working experience. The reason is simple, I like studying. I like to be in the library, spending hours reading articles, spending hours in the lab, or just being around in the university environment. I am not trying to be as genius as Einstein, even I am not trying to save the world. I only like studying, and that’s all about.

Now, it’s been 10 months I am living here.
I could not even count how many hours that I have spent for studying, dealing with assignments, presentations or various projects. I also could not even remember when the last time I missed Indonesian foods, or the crowded of Jakarta.
It could because that I am enjoying every single thing that Wageningen sky offers.
Its rainy days, super windy days, yellowish maple leaves and its snow.

Today, was my second time of snowing experience. The 12 cm of snow came again in the couple of hours.
My feeling is still in between as it first arrived. Either excited or worry.
Excited that I am still living in the dream now. Worry to find out that there would be a day I should say goodbye to those beautiful four seasons.

Einstein was right. Time is a very relative measurement.
It changes, it flies, it swallows you. A day, a month, years gone by, you just don’t really realize. Until you found that from a winter season to another winter season happened just like a blink of eye.

Oh my dear snow, here I embrace your coming once again.



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