“Eυχαριστώ” was not the first Greek language that I learnt. It was “Σ’αγαπώ” instead, which means “I love you”. The very basic word that people often choose when they would like to introduce their mother language to the foreigners. Whereas, Eυχαριστώ which you can pronounce it as “ef-κha-ree-sto”, means “thanks or thank you”.

I am not in the middle of having a Greek language course or something alike, but it’s more about the story when my heart has attached to Greece and its related things. The story when God heard your dreams and made it true. The story when you can still imagine the exact feelings even though the time goes tremendously.

And this story happened in the last summer, when my happy feet officially landed in Greece for the first time. Greece has become very real for my eyes.

Rhodes, the southern island in Greece–was as the first witness of this story. Three hours flight from the Netherlands cannot force me to fall asleep. I was more than excited to know that in the next couple of hours I will reach this land of Gods and Goddess.

For me, Rhodes was more than just an island. It wraps a beautiful package of historical stories; from the Mycenaean Greeks to the long Byzantine period, and from Roman to Ottoman Turkish. I was impressed with the greatness of the Medieval City and was stunned with the magical of Acropolis. They were perfect creatures at the time. They tell you stories for every concrete wall that you might find.

I know I fell in love with Rhodes, when it intensively poured me with such a complete historical experience.









Even though I wanted to spend more days in Rhodes, I had to say goodbye instead. Because my Santorini was waiting for me. I agree with many people who stated if Santorini could be the most romantic and beautiful place in Greece. Universe has put its heaven on Santorini and the Greek people really know how to appreciate it. The contour, the traditional villages and the weather are the ultimate happiness that you could ask for.

I remembered one of my best time in Santorini and it happened when I watched the remarkable sunset in Oia.

I knew that I watched the same sun as the rest of people in this world had, but the experience which came along with the moment was exceptional. In that time, you can find that all people were sitting in the balcony while holding each other’s hands, kissing and hugging their beloved ones, sharing stories with new people, singing a beautiful song, or just sitting alone. Enjoying the ultimate “me-time”-moment. All of these moment make you believe that some time in the future, the world’s peace which always becomes an issue for us, could not be a dream anymore. We do have a hope, people.

We do really have a hope.








As another unforgettable experience, I flight from the southern part of Greece to its northern part. My last destination was Thessaloniki. I enjoyed the friendly environment which appears here. Along with its beautiful White Tower and Aristotelous Square. Although I did not walk around the city as much as I did in Rhodes and Santorini, but I really had a great time. Eventually, nothing beats the quality time with friends. In Thessaloniki, I stayed at my Greek friend’s house for two days. I really thanked for her kindness to welcome me and also for having her amazing family. It absolutely completed my solo-journey.







I, directly knew at that time, someday I should come back to Greece. Not only because it is the land of Gods and Goddess, but also because I already left my other half of heart there.

Now, I will always have a good reason to be in Greece, again and again.


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