Blurry Eyes

We are two people, met by a reserved story from the Universe’s conspiracy. None of us ever wished to have a time collision for these two different worlds. None of us ever had an expectation to share smiles and laughs in a package of precious moment. None of us ever imagined, that we spoke million words through a language which does not belong as yours, nor mine. In this kind of day dreaming, we were happy effortlessly.

We are two people, impressed by the presence of each other. Not because of the perfection, but because we were alike to each other. We were two identical reflections of a mirror. The thinkers, analyzers and observers. We often started talking about a certain topic, but we always ended up with dozens topics which are already waiting to be discussed. You and your theories. Me and my offensive opinions. That was the way how they eventually completed each other. That was the way how we made a sparkle.

We are two people, met by high level of similarities. And one of them, was these blurry eyes.

My eyes were too honest to see and put a label for the huge feelings, while your eyes would only clearly see what do you want to see. My blurry eyes were reflecting the love light selflessly, while your blurry eyes did not define the honesty of love light. In a glance, this similarity has led us to entirely a new ballgame. The stakes were instantly higher, the challenges were even bigger.

Within these blurry eyes, we found our own ways.
You and your insecurity. Me and my half-hearted.
Within these blurry eyes, who would see a clear view?


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