Un dia per emmarcar

For me, one of excitements in this living life happens exactly after I booked a flight and then the day when I carry my backpack. It is true if life is sometimes as simple as that. You hold a stack of papers which consisting of your boarding pass, e-tickets, city maps, hostel reservations, sightseeing information and etc. You are exactly on your way to face new experiences. You are really ready to make your expectations come true, and fortunately this chance happens again to me on this Christmas holidays.

I already had a sweet escape journey for unraveling my tired nerves system which were already exhausted with all the University life. No, I did not complaint, nor even regret it. But, the latest six months really consumed my insanity. There were a lot stuffs to be dealt with. From the courses, to the practicals. From the reports, to the presentations. From the disappointments, to the excitements. I own my private rollercoaster, at last.

My latest journey belonged to Italy and Spain. There were 10 days of traveling and there were 10 cities in total. So, yes! It was a day for a city. Un dia per emmarcar.

Such a very tight schedule of traveling, wasn’t it? Fortunately, I did not even feel tired. The excitements, the delicious foods, the friends, the beautiful historical places, the blue sky, and the warm weather beat all the bad feelings!

I do really thank for this opportunity. Because, for me, traveling is more than just a trip. It is about giving yourself time to see the world surround you. The world that you might forget due to the high-level of activities. Traveling is about giving yourself time to enjoy what nature has provided you. The simple sunshine or the falling leaves, the crowded people or even the calm morning. I describe traveling is way much than the word itself. I surely do next time. Even I am already thinking to have another sweet escape in the middle of my thesis.


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