A Red Coat

From 100 billion of neurons and 100 trillion of synapses, sometimes they come up with a surprising combination. Remembering you, for example.

Time passes by, and the memories stayed like it is never been there before. Keep playing the same record and never displayed a blur image. It was you, with all of your flawless mind-tricks that lively alive in my head. It was you, with the indescribable word that gently and unconsciously touches my heart. Every time I see you, I was drowned in a strong smell of our nostalgia, again and again.

Time passes by, and four seasons made a cycle once again. But still, remembering the most part of you is an easy thing to do. Every time I close my eyes, I find the echoes of your voices in my head. You, become my most favorite imaginary existence in my minds.

Remembering your words is also like a photograph. It was captured completely by nature. It was like what Plato says “There is no harm in repeating a good thing“. And to me, politely remembering the one that fits the memory best, is another example of good thing.

You, might also not remember about this. But, I ever told you yes. Even I was dying of fear at that time. Even I thought I will be sorry later. Because whatever the decision that I made, I surely know I will be saying more than a sorry, if I said no.

But still, remembering you is like having a train ticket. It has a destination and time of arrival. It reminds me where to stop or when to get off. It reminds me that some day in the future, you could be a vaguely story which I am thankful to live with. Remembering you proves me a thing, that my beautiful nerves system ever decided to store a complicated combination that I ever asked for. I place you in your last place that you left. I will not move, or even remove. That is my way to appreciate your presence. A person who shares the same reflection image as mine. A person who ever looked at me in a red coat, intensively.

I was wearing my new red coat when I met you again.
After my few steps away from you,
I stopped and was turning back my head.
I wanted you to smile back at me and told me that you like my red coat.
I was waiting, and the precious of five minutes was passing by.
You, just might not understand what I was really doing.

(For the latest six sentences, I borrowed them from @missviona)


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