Two Letters

Sometimes, life offers an unexpected way in an unexpected time to give you such an amazing experience. However, when it happened, you finally see a very clear image which was built with puzzles that you already had for long time ago. The reality makes sense after all. The reasons which came along, were always worth it.

That was a year ago, 31st January 2012.

After struggling not only with other competitors, but also with my own spirit and faith, I finally put two amazing letters to its right order. One letter was from Wageningen University which printed my full name and study program in it. Another one was coming from my sponsor. The Netherlands scholarship. These two amazing letters already became a part of my dreams since I was in junior high school. People’s stories who get a chance to have a different life beyond their comfort zone, never failed me. I kept the dream in my head, I spelled it to the Universe. I wanted it to be happened, simply like a 4-year-old’s girl who wanted new toys badly.

As the years gone by and I graduated from Bachelor degree, this dream was bothering me again. I was thrilled to conquer my own dream to get a scholarship. It was not about pride or ego which was always an issue in my culture. Here I tell a you a secret, sometimes people still give you a higher respect when you are graduated from an international university. They will put more trust on you to solve some problems, when you are internationally labelled. Crazy, but yes, that the way it is. But for the sake of my pride, this dream was only my own dream. As a selfish centric person who loves challenging and own-achievements, I must put a target to make a living life. I always give myself a challenge just to measure my power and limits. And to get a scholarship, was one of the ways.

However, as life can be predicted, it will not always run smoothly. It also challenges you with its up and down. It provides you with the situations that you wish to be happened. If you want to measure your power and limits, life gives more and more ways towards it. So, yes. Better wise with your own wishes.

I ever had a hard time during my searching. All the clues for a scholarship met its blind alleys. Bad preparation, bad result. Good preparation, still bad result. Until, I made a protest to God. Why all of these seemed not fair? I already put my best, totally in struggling, but I even did not get close enough. Didn’t God hear my wishes? Didn’t God put attention to His creature? But then again, a good thing or bad thing in life never happened less quicker, nor later. It always has its own perfect time. God knows the best for you, while you–just had an assumption what is an ideal situation for you. I finally found why God gave me 31st January 2012 as my sacred date for this dream. Nothing else, but I found myself was prepared enough to face another challenge. To live beyond my comfort zone. To print my own history.

Now, here I am. One year in Wageningen. Still safe and sound completely, even though I always be challenged simultaneously. But, what more can I say, this is my own dream that I am living in. All the consequences should be taken into account. Not always easy, nor over miserables. The Wageningen’s sky is very kind. I learn beyond my expectations.

I have counted my blessings, and I am still continously counting. For making me fly 11,348.2 km away from Indonesia. For giving me a chance to get an outstanding education that I could ever wish for. For letting me meet inspiring people, learn different cultures, surrounded by precious new friends. For allowing me to create an everlasting memory. I thanked God for this opportunity. I thanked people who honestly support, care and love. This huge distance from home is worth it after all. This priceless journey finally meets its half way. and I am still thankful for a year ahead (or even more).



One thought on “Two Letters

  1. Inspiring Kak, all struggles have paid off. God knows the best when the perfect time is. Hopefully I can follow your path in chasing dreams to study overseas, to know more God through his borderless universe. Salam dari Makassar.

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