“Tomorrow, He will save you”

Few months ago, my University grieved for one of their students who eternally went back home. It was not due to an illness though, but it was sadder than that. This talented student have chosen another way to reach his God again. He jumped from eight floor of a student housing in the middle of night. At least, that was the estimation time that polices tried to be revealed. Nobody noticed it, until the student housing officer sent an e-mail to every tenant who lived there. Nobody in entirely University noticed it, until the Student Service Desk officers also did the same thing. They honored him by providing a spot in the hall of Forum building. This was to give a chance for people who wanted to leave a message or pray for him. That spot containing a table with a candle, a book and his photo in a bright smile. I remembered when I crossed the table. Since, I was one of the thousand students who might not notice about this news, I came there with a curiosity.

Everything became clear when I read a piece of paper which explained his situation and a deep condolence from University. Even I still remembered clearly the words from his closest friend. Apparently, this student was known as “a deep water” person, yet he was a clever one. He was always actively involved in group discussions and giving ideas. Unfortunately, as far as his friend could remember, there was no any visible signs which indicate to the stressful or painful condition. Yes, that is how the brain works. Nobody would not ever know what is in somebody’s minds.

This accident led me to a thinking, I agree if life sometimes is so cruel. At some moments, we can easily find how life teaches us a strong message in a very strange way. The feeling of giving up, weakness, hopeless, unfaithful, and rejected, make you seem like a very poorest person on earth. We can easily forget that actually those unfortunate conditions only a little thing from the blessings that we would have get everyday. I am not trying to be overrated optimistic though, but just try to count your blessings in every second of your life. I am sure, you might be surprised. From the ability of breathing, the cell metabolisms which have been regulated in a very perfect way, the melody of your heart’s beat. I will believe, we would not have enough time to make a full list of it. But then again, we cannot judge people’s life. Since each of us always walks in our path with our own shoes. Nobody will feel the exact feelings about what others have been through.

At night they would go walking until the breaking of the day
The morning is for sleeping
Through the dark streets, they go searching,
to see God in their own way
Save the night time for your weeping
Your weeping*

Rest in peace, friend.
Tomorrow God will save you.
He will.

*Cemeteries of London
Cemeteries of London was a song about the Thames River in London. During the Victorian era, the Thames actually was in essence a Cemetery. Many people threw themselves into the river as suicide and alongside people were often murdered with their bodies dumped in the river. Sadly, but yes, it was a convenient place to dispose of people. Deaths in the river were so common that they actually had a Thames River Morgue, to house all the dead bodies that washed up from the river or were found. In this song, there is a sentence “There are ghost towns in the ocean”. It can be referred as a place, to where all the spirits end up once they have been washed down the Thames river. Once they end up in the North sea, collecting over the years.


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