I am supposed to be in library with stack of papers, journals, and laboratory protocols. Thesis weeks are already coming without an exceptional. Both of the thesis topic and the lab works make such a good combination, which I call them as a freaking challenge. At a certain point, knowledge is really better to stay as piece of power points in a class than to be done as the lab works. Since the lab protocols will only be a guidance, but fate is the final judge.

Now, here I am. Safe and sound completely. Even though efforts seemed not just enough to reveal the mysterious way of sciences. But, what can I do? If all the possible solutions have been tried. All the possible reasons have been investigated. Research is always becoming like this at last. Dragging you to your lowest point of faith and intelligence level. Confusing you with its strange results. Pouring you with a fake light. This could be true, that people say “if you want to have brightest days for the next couple of months or years, never choose to be scientist as your path”.

But, well.. who can deny what passion says?
Exactly like the calling to become an enterprenenur, president, artist, writer—whoever you may call.
Oh trouble, even though it is beyond my limits, here I embrace your coming.


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