Defining Happiness

As the increasing of your age, apparently you would rather to choose a simple thing than the complicated ones. You would be simply touched by a simple gift. You would be more respectful to the things that life and nature have provided you. Even more, you would enjoy the laughter of the crowd. Not because of the fact that you become a wiser person though, but it is more about, that you–at some point–feel tired to set a complicated standard which defines your (complicated) satisfaction level. You give a trust to universe to play its role. You accept many things with less questioning. You finally see a lot of simple things which apparently have been buried from long time ago. And you, thank God for each brand new day, which meets you perfectly with a healthy breathing ability.

As the increasing of your age, you would probably see that life is full of love and loss. Happens simultaneously, yet unpredictable. You fall, or stand still. Head up high, or cry a tear. Sometimes, you will also look at back, just to make sure that you have already moved forward. Know where you are and keep walking, or believing. Believe that the hard times too shall pass. Believe that the good things always show up. Or just believe, that time is the best medicine to cure the bad memories and wipe the scars away.

As the increasing of your age, you would probably love to see a story as a whole picture, while stop giving a fight for a very little tiny detail. You have been enough taught, that life is simply like a rollercoaster. Everything can be up, yet everything can go down. People can make their promises, others can easily break it. You are less to be overwhelmed, nor disappointed.

As the increasing of your age, you probably will enjoy each second that passes by. With a cup of coffee in your hand, and the favorite song in your ears. Gently you said, “dear life, I trust you”.



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