Steady-State Phase

We were born in this world in a holy package of God’s creation.
Through the most safest and comfortable place of Mom’s womb,
we face our lives,
Day by day, and from one season to another,
we were taught to keep a faith
or struggling for things that are worth fighting for.
It is indeed that sometimes dreams are broken,
hearts are bent,
but laughters are always made.

At least.. those are what we always try to believe.
Those are what we always try to hold close.

But, if it is getting harder,
We always have a right to admit,
whether it is heavy to carry,
or heavy to be thought.

Because no matter how strong we are,
no matter how hard we already struggle,
if it is not meant to be, then it won’t be.

So, let’s go home.
Make a cup of tea while watching the movie series.
and let the Universe does the rest.

Path 2013-03-10 00_13


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