Don’t Get Married!

Maybe it is just me and my cynical minds, but I cannot tell a lie if sometimes I feel annoyed when reading people posts/status and they are whining about their life. Unfortunately, the life that I am talking about, is the life–that common people call it–as a perfect life.

I am not trying to be exaggregated though, but when you finally found a person that you love and love you back, and then you have been given a beautiful baby girl or boy, not to mention that you are financially stable, what else do you ask for? A gigantic beautiful private island for your holidays? Another private planet to live in? A massive popularity?

Oh, seriously.. are you kidding me, now?

In my opinions, when you decided to have a marriage, take along with you all the consequences. God or bad times, they are blessings.

I, honestly, never understand, when a married woman (plus a mom) is whining because she cannot spend money for whatever she likes after the baby born. Or she cannot hang out with friends whenever she wants. Or she is whining because she has to wake up in the middle of night just to give breastfeeding. For God’s sake, have you ever thought about these–right before you ordered your wedding gown? have you ever realized that you have biological ability to deliver a baby? have you ever learned from your mother how she was struggling with you? I bet, no!

Sometimes, this is what I am afraid of, when such a sacred thing named as the marriage, becomes the society needs. In my country, sometimes it feels like a taboo when you are in a certain age (24, 26, 27 year old, you tell me), and you have not get married yet. The conservative society will question about your social life, your relationship, the reasons why you do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend, and the bla bla bla. They could become the very precise judges on earth! Instantly, they would tell you to do certain things, as they know your life better than yourself.

This is what I am afraid of, when society takes control into your private life. Therefore, to avoid having conflicts with many people, or to please everyone, or because you are already tired with all the comments and judgements, you will not elaborate more the meaning of getting married. Maybe, you would forget about the essential of being together with someone who you really want to be with for the rest of your life. You would forget about the up and down that may accompany your marriage life. You would forget the idea of being a good wife and a mother, or you forget the responsibility as a good husband and a father. If, that happened, trust me–you already threw away the precious gifts of life.

So, in my humble conclusions, don’t get married people! Unless, you have any ideas about being responsible and taking the consequences. Unless you want to do it for your own happiness. Unless, you want to follow the path of your religion. Unless, you want to do it because you want it.

This world has been filled by many irresponsible people,
don’t make it worse,
even more.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Get Married!

  1. Ketika menikah ialah setengah agama, kenapa harus ditunda2?..kesiapan….kedewasaan akan berjalan bersama2 dalam pernikahan, ,,kalau nikah diniatin Ibadah, sama seperti sholat dan lain nya…Insya Allah semua ketakutan ilang… malahan, saya yg nikah di usia 26..nyesel,,knapa gak dr dulu,,,hehe..

    1. it is indeed true. yang saya tekankan bukan masalah ditunda-tunda. tapi lebih kepada, jangan menikah karena paksaan social life, keluarga, ketakutan tidak muda lagi, or whatsoever. menikahlah ketika memang anda ingin dan perlu menikah. menikahlah dengan niat yang benar. sepertinya sih saya sudah jelas menuliskannya di atas. 😀

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