Laughter of the Crowd

It was actually less than 24 hours since I flight back in Wageningen, from my sweet escape to Austria.

Unfortunately, I wanted more.

Under the very impulsive whisper in my mind, I went to a train station which was located in Ede-Wageningen, and what I found that there was no trains to go from Ede-Wageningen to Utrecht! They said, there was a maintenance here and there. And the possible way to go to Utrecht by taking a bus which has been provided by NS (the Netherlands’ train services).

So, there I was, in a crowded bus. Should be standing for almost an hour because there was no empty chairs left.
But, it was okay. I did not feel hurting my knees at last.

My journey did not stop in Utrecht though. I took a train to go to Amsterdam instead.

Yes, the sky was still kind. During all the frequent maintenance, fortunately that almost all trains went from Utrecht to the big cities in the Netherlands were working normally. Half an hour later, I arrived in Amsterdam
in an excitement.

Here I tell you a story.

So, this is the end of March, which should be spring. But I swore to God, that we still had flurries on the last Thursday. The temperature was cooler. Plus the wind which made even worse. I did not want to complain though, or at least I held myself to make any protest to the God’s weather. But, sometimes this winter season was too much. So, that was why, when I had a sunny day, with the wind blew perfectly, and the temperature was around 4 degrees Celsius, I would be really happy! I needed no more gloves, and my ears were warmed. And this situation, happened today!

Amsterdam was nicely crowded. With its sunshine was fully above the skies, people all over the world came and enjoyed their Easter holidays, and an amusement festival was built in the center of Madame Tussaud building and a Plaza. All of them made Amsterdam was so perfect this time.

I took a spot near the roller coasters.
I seated there for almost half an hour.
This would be one of my precious moments that I would kindly keep in minds.
That time, when I was like an audience of an amazing live event.

I heard the beautiful music coming from a huge carousel, people’s screaming from roller coasters, words were spoken in various languages, fine cameras and lenses were capturing all these great moments, while many couples, father and daughters, mother and her kids, were holding hands each other while walking around. I saw many smiley faces. I captured laughter of the crowd.

I felt that everyone was living their lives, perfectly.



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