Stories made by Strangers (1)

I always love the idea of coming back in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It reminds me of the first time when I landed in the land of Europe. It reminds me that finally one of my dreams became real.

Just like today, when I was planning to go to the airport again. Not in purpose of traveling though, but I had a friend who will flight back to Indonesia. And I willingly accompanied her until the airport.

Frankly, the story turned out to be really different, just because I woke up little bit later. And it was even worse due to the changes of train schedule. Yes, now I was even more realized that the Netherlands government love to have–what they call as the train maintenance on every Sunday. yes people, on EVERY Sunday.

Therefore, instead of arriving in the Schiphol airport and said goodbye to my friend, I was ended in Amsterdam Centraal station. It became useless to continue the journey to the airport, since I knew that my friend was already in the waiting room, and waiting for the boarding time. It was a pity, indeed (Oh.. screw you the train maintenance).

But yeah, what more can I say when life is still about the management of facing the expectations and realities.

Then, the thing was going to be “perfect” when at that time I had another urgent thing.
I desperately needed to go to the toilet,
and… I found no coins in my pocket!
Yes people, the public toilet which is provided in all the train stations in the Netherlands cannot be accessed freely.
You need 50 cents to open the door.
Then, what happens if you don’t have one?
What happens if you only have 5 euros for instance?
Oh.. don’t worry.. because usually there IS an office boy/girl who will stand near the door to give you a change.

But, what happened today??
I found nobody near the toilet’s door, while my metabolism urges me to go to the toilet as soon as possible.

In a desperate feeling of looking for the officer, I noticed that there was a guy standing not-so-far away from me, and apparently he was waiting for his train.
Without any doubt, I came to him and then asked whether he had 50 cents.
And surprisingly, he did not have one!
(Oh my dear God!)
He only had two of 20 cents and one of 10 cents.
He was also wondering whether they would work to open the toilet’s door or not.

I did not have enough time to think at that time. The only thing that crossed my mind was only about going to the toilet.
Fingers were crossed, and I loaded all the three coins to the hole which was located in front of the door.
And yes, the door was open!!

I quickly accessed the toilet and forgot to say thanks to the kind guy.

Now, I just hoped that he would forgive my not-in-purpose ignorant.
Hopefully, he could be one of coincidence readers of this blog, so I could throw away a million thanks to him.
He might never know that his simple act, could save this insane girl.

Thank you!


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