Welcome, New Year!

I am in love with 13th of April, in every year.
I have no simple reasons about that, but the awesome ones.
On that specific date, many years ago, my amazing Mom gave her life for me.
After two days of struggling with the most painful pain that you could think of, I came to this beautiful world in a perfect health with my Mom was as the champion of this real battle of life and death.

Of course I had no idea how annoying I was when I was still in her womb.
Did I bother her all the time?
or did I make something terrible for the total nine months of her pregnancy?
I had no idea, at all.
But one thing for sure, that I will always be grateful for her presence in my life.
No matter how many prayers I send for her, they are not even close to pay all of her love and care.
No matter how many efforts I take for reaching my goals, God always put her prayers as the first position.

I have proven many times, that was due to her prayers and blessing, I can tackle such difficult times. Due to her permission, I can achieve a lot of dreams which sound impossible to be reached. Indeed, no one can beat the power of Mom’s prayers. Because God has guaranteed that their prayers will reach Him, effortlessly.

Therefore, each year on 13th of April, I will fly much more prayers to the sky.
The same spells that I repeat every year.
The grateful feeling to have the wonderful parents, the ultimate fortune that a child could ask for.
The thankful feeling to have a beautiful sister, who always supports and loves me in her amazing way.
The happiness feeling to be surrounded by gorgeous people, who also teach me how to dance under the rain or keep the head up high.
The rollercoaster life, which always reminds me that nothing lasts forever. Not the happiness, nor even the sadness.
But top of that, I am thankful that I have been given this life along with God that I believe in.
May Alloh always kindly enlightens my soul and pours me with His blessing.

Dear new age,
Now I am welcoming you once again.

Please bear with me, life.
Even though I am heavy to be handled.
Even though I am too proud with the mistakes that I make,
or even though I am just too naive with the fake realities.

Do guide me with your gentle message.
Because, I am only human who is still trying to be a human being.


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