Dot Plots

Sometimes, it is hard to believe that everything which comes in to our life is basically connected. However, in such a way, life often showed us a beautiful surprising story which makes us realize that we would not meet very random people. It is indeed funny to see how Universe makes a person to meet another one. Apparently, we will always meet people who might have related things towards our life, and I—have found many times like this.

I often coincidentally meet some people who are (apparently) the friends of my friends. Or another one which is really close to someone I know. Or another one who will help me out some time in the future. If they finally turned to be like this, then those were not coincidences anymore, right? Once, might be yes. But, two, three, or many more times? I doubt if they were.

Sometimes, it is also hard to believe that everything does happen for a reason. The reason which could come straightforwardly, or little bit later. The reason which is logically understood, or another one which sounds little bit non sense, yet impossible. However, if it already happened, what would we say? We cannot do anything. We can’t undo or remove. It was there along with its message. The message that we would have figured it out at last. Even though we have no any ideas about how long it will take. But, time will always tell.




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