Not for A Sorry

“We both are thinkers. We always live with our assumptions,
and we… will always be like this, no matter how time goes tremendously”

“Each of us knows how to ask or to argue. But top of those, we know how to appreciate and understand each other. Aren’t we cool, are we?”

“We’ve decided to put all the stories’ far behind. We’ve buried it as well. And we’ve.. forgiven our choices. Are we really great, right?”

“Sometimes, universe makes us to be met again. Not to have a fight anymore, though.
This was to test whether we have forgiven our selves”

“Now, life is happening as it should be, while we.. are continuing our paths as each of us wants. Ours, has met its end”

I do not expect a sorry from person who might have hurt me.
He felt sorry for what he has done, is more than enough.
I have been loved and betrayed. Cried and laughed a lot. Overwhelmed and exhausted.
I won’t complain tough, since I’ve signed up for a life.


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