Green Green Grass

I never thought that I will fall in love with spring as much as I am having now.

Today, I finished my lab work earlier. It was 6 PM and the sun was still shining brightly. The weather was just perfect which gave me around 14°C.

On the way back from the laboratory, instead of going home, I turned my bike to Forum building. As usual, even though I didn’t have any works to do, I will always go to the library after office hours. Just for reading journals, making lab protocols, or just writing my blog post like this.

But, then again.. the weather was just perfect.

I can’t hold myself just to stay inside the building.
So, there I was.. bought a cup of cappuccino plus one blueberry muffin, then went outside to enjoy the sun in the backyard of the Forum building.

With stack of papers in my hand, I was wearing my beautiful dress and the sun was shining brightly, I felt blessed inside and outside.

Spring really reminds me that a hope does always exist.
After such a long long winter, the weather fell to -20°C, and the winds were horrible, a warmer weather will be always coming. The maple trees will be growing their leaves. Now, I am able to see the green colors all over the town once again.

My dear spring, don’t go too fast.



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