The Master of Life

True friends don’t judge. They tell you options instead.
At least.. that’s what I naively believe.

Since we were young, we were taught to make friends. We were taught to be involved in community. Simply because we are human, and we always need somebody’s help to run this life. Some people also say that a friendship is important. Because it will give colors in your life. Make your life becomes more interesting.

But.. apart from that, I have my own reasons behind. Simply because I would like to have the beautiful people in this very short life. Those people who will share their stories and lessons of life. Those people who pleasantly let me into their world. Those beautiful people who kindly share love and care with me. Because what I noticed so far, a social life should be about creating the happiness moments together, whether in a perfect time or in the unfortunate time.

Unfortunately as years gone by, everyone is changing. We will be changing as well. And the friendship will not always follow the same pattern.

At once, we were effortlessly happy sharing laughter by playing football or hide-and-seek in the yard , but as the increasing of our ages, there will be a lot of issues come out. From the choices of study program or work, choices for relationship, until the marriage. While your friends—whether you like it or not—they will take part and get involved.

Not a long moment ago, I spoke to some friends. Most of them were already having a wife or a husband, even more they also had a cute baby boy or a beautiful baby girl. As a friend, I am truly happy to know about it. I never realized that time really flies. It seemed like yesterday that we still had a class together, but now.. it is totally different. But again, I am really happy to see that my friends are happy with their lives.

Apparently, among those beautiful friends, it is only me who has not yet had someone who is marriage-able. It does not mean that I refuse to be involved in such a serious relationship (or whatsoever), but it just because I haven’t met the person yet. Somehow, to find a someone that you could kindly love and love you back is kind of a magical thing. If it is not the moment, then you might not meet. But, if it is meant to be, no matter how strange it would be, then it would happen. That is what I believe as it has been written in my religion. The marriage and kids are God’s business. You can always give your efforts, but the stories and results are directed by God.

Sadly, not many people really realize about that.

What I found later that I was irritated by my friends’ saying.

Generally, they concluded that when it comes to defining an ideal life, it should contain a formal education, stable income, a nice position in the office, having a marriage along with the kids.

Sadly, I disagreed. Why this a horrible theory could be created? Seriously, that theory would only lead people to a discrimination, stressful and under pressure life. Why an ideal life could not be easily defined as being happy? To do what your passion says, for example, it should be categorized as an ideal life. Because not everyone could do whatever they would like to do freely. In my simple opinion, as long as you feel grateful of what you already had, it is an ideal life. In addition, we already realized, that happiness does not count on the materials, and the materials do not buy the happiness.

But, well… the consensus is still the same. You will not be called as a happy person when you’re not married yet. Even my friend said like this to me “I knew that you’re happy now by doing such a thing that you call it as passion. It just because, you haven’t had other happier things beyond. Once you get married, you will regret for what you have done

Excuse, me? What the hell are you talking about??

For a moment, I stopped thinking. It was not caused by the saying though, but it was more about—who are you? are you my friend now? why are you saying such an irritating sentence like that?

Just because you are my friend, doesn’t mean you have a fully right to steer my life.
Just because you are my friend and we have different ways of making a living life, doesn’t mean your life is better than me, or vice versa.
Just because you are already getting married, doesn’t mean you are the master of life.

Would you like to think about that, now?


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