I have seen the world turned around with its unbelievable pattern.
Twenty seven years’ process was always worth it.

I was involved in an amazing race with time.
Apparently they were not just ticking, they haunted me as well.

I have seen some dreams collapsed.
To recover or to let them go, were the things that I learnt.

I have ridden a night train and tried to recognize the path.
In such a difficulty of darkness, the city lights offered a help.
They always did.

I have made a mistake in taking decisions.
I made another mistake in trusting people.
Thus, I have forgiven myself.
Many times.

Now, the time is still ticking.
The life is still going as it wants to be.
And the world does not stop fixing the aching souls.

Now, I am trying to slow the rhythm little bit.
Trying to cherish a period of settled in.
No more running or turning back.
Keep counting the blessings.
And preparing to meet another imperfect half perfectly.

This would be the time.
To build the new home.
Or to share the ages together.


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