A beauty lays in Voorhout

No matter how good or bad the weather would be, they stand still.
They keep blooming, like dying does never exist.

In the sense of making people envy or feeling annoyed, I am honestly far away from that. But later, if you’d have found yourself being envy of what I wrote down here, I do really apologize. The thing is, I just can’t help myself to not share this beautiful moment. It was when I finally made one of my dreams to be true. This exactly happened one day ago. On a cloudy and windy Sunday afternoon.

First, I had to thank to my beautiful friends—Ines, Ami and Hana, who told me that somewhere out there, there are beautiful treasures lay down in Voorhout, Zuid-Holland. Those treasures are more than worth to be catched and always provide the endless beauty. Those amazing treasures that I was talking about, are the tulip fields.

Although this was not my first time to see tulips, but these tulip fields really knew how to make my heart melted. The colors were cheering me instantly. The healthy bulbs greeted me with a spirit of spring, when the weather starts moving from the desperate cold and freeze to the warm and sunny days. I was really happy effortlessly.

To capture all these beautiful moments, what you have to do is just walking around the Voorhout city. Make sure that you go to the place which is farther away from Voorhout centrum. Without any doubts, this place offers you with many tulip fields. And the good thing is, you can have a free access to all those beautiful tulip fields. Unlike in Lisse or Volendam, which you have to pay for some euros.

Another thing that I realized, that looked like many farmers have their floral business here. Since every 100 meters or less, you will easily find the name board of farmers who sell tulips, magnolias, hyacinth, iris, and many more. I really enjoyed every step that I took.

These following pictures were some moments that I adore much. From the yellowish color to pink, or from reddish to the dark purple. They have their own beauty without equal.

478796_10200902744066818_614463008_o 919086_10200902738866688_58691348_o 920326_10200902737986666_154600652_o 921687_10200902743906814_1195186568_o 921691_10200902743066793_26670811_o 966828_10200902741106744_1670798211_o 462451_10200902742546780_658986018_o

Fortunately, my luck did not stop.
When I entered one of the tulip fields, I found a quite large landfills which contain a lot of flowers.
At first, I underestimated that I would have found nothing interested. But I was totally wrong, since I found a beautiful and fresh hyacinth. Without further do, I packed them in a plastic and provided them “a new home”.

Now.. they safe and sound in my room.

And this following picture was the landfills that I was talking about (while my hyacinth was on the previous picture. Beautifully placed on the bench).


Just in case, you wondered where I was, or to prove that I was not taking the pictures from Google or somewhere else, here is the evidence. :p


Oh Spring.. now you know exactly where you have been placed in this busy mind that I have.

PS: For the latest picture, was taken by my friend–Hana. Thanks for her nice photography instinct.


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