A Different Ball Game Altogether

Those who work for a thing they love, apparently they will not work even for a day in their lives

Sometimes, it is funny how some quotes are really better to stay as a piece of kind words, than to be compared with the reality.
However, this is not a cynical mind though, since it is indeed that life always needs efforts. Even if you love the work, even if you wake up every morning with your brightest smile, but still, life always comes up with such an unpredictable path—and you are thrown for a loss, is such a nice example.

I was not talking about a miserable loss though, and I never expected to have ones. But this was about the research that I have been doing so far.

Unfortunately, efforts are not just enough to show your enthusiasm, capabilities, and intelligence level. While, being patient of every fail experiment was not even close. Push yourself to the limit might only give a little help. Every step that you take seemed worthless, when judgments are based on the high expectations.

Now, I have been trying to see the light from above. A merciful help from the best Director.

I would like to keep believing that how tough the roads would be, He always provides the way out.
Insha Allah.


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