Ile de France.

I fall in love with France, as many people do.
From the magnetic of Eiffel tower to the historical of Versailles palace, provide a perfect time machine to get lost in.
Beautiful advertisements which you easily find on the walls of every metro/train station.
Many art events which devotedly accompany you and your daily life.
Street musicians with their nice melody.
People express their identity in a beautiful style.
And not to mention the great Sorbonne University, as a place where the dedicated sciences were generated.

Paris, really knows how to show themselves as a profound icon of art, science and fashion.


Maison-Alford Stade station. 


I have to throw million thanks to airbnb, as they led me to this beautiful place for 4 days stayed in Paris. Don’t be surprised by the price, it was a backpacker’s friend!


The magnificent of Museum de Louvre.


Only a piece of artworks inside the Museum de Louvre.
Trust me, you’ll get nothing, but amazed.


A view from the top of Museum de Louvre.


Grow old together, dear you. Shall we?


Arc-de-Triomphe. A symbol to honor those who fight and dead during the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars.


Super Junior hypnotized thousand girls in Paris. Don’t be surprised by the nationalities or ethnics. Asians, Americans, Europeans, you name it. All of them were there, and amazingly they knew every song by hard! Apparently, super fans can beat any barriers, including the hip hop songs in Korean language.


Notre Dame. A Roman catholic cathedral.


Panthéon. A mausoleum designed by Jacques-Germain Soufflot. (PS: it is not free entrance)


A calm afternoon and a cup of cappuccino, shall we?


Sorbonne University. Even the name already explains the high-education.


Château de Versailles. Get famous not only by its architecture, but also as a symbol of absolute monarchy of Louis XIV.


..and last but not least, the beautiful Eiffel tower at night.

In Paris, art is not a miracle. It is a nature.


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