Some Old Stories

It was there, five or six years ago (or even more), when I eventually fell for something unimaginably warm-hearted.
It was you, the first person that I comfortably shared the world with.
The first person that I knew by the time, was hardly to forget.
Young and crazy. Yet craved for many dreams and passions.

Time flew, some promises were made to be broken.
Heart was bent. So did the rest of trust.
We fell. We danced. We argued. We were separated.
We took a huge distant just to learn more.
That love was one of good things that we ever had in this very short life.
That the following memories were the precious lesson to be carried.
That eventually, led us to forgiving.

It was indeed a long process.

But, now, the time is yours.
For you to celebrate the love of your life.
For you to celebrate the priceless commitment that mostly people might ask for.
For you to cherish the finding of lifetime friendship.

I thank you for your presence, as much as I thank you for your wedding invitation.
I congratulate you with the best of best wishes you could think of.
You—my old friend, go get your happily ever after story!

Happy wedding,
And let the purity of love makes both of you as the perfect companion for each other.


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