The Baroque City of Salzburg, Austria.

I went to Salzburg few months ago, but still—I definitely remember the exact feelings when I was there.
Even though it was only two days in total, but I had tremendously amazing experiences. As Salzburg is known as the city of “Sound of Music”, the birthplace of Mozart, the picturesque Alps mountain, the great Salt Mines, and last but not least–the baroque Hohensalzburg Fortress.

The only regrets that left by, was only about the time.
I did regret for not spending couple days more. Salzburg is just too beautiful to pass by.
The calmness of the city always offers you a lullaby. It will always take you to the “Sound of Music” scenes, or simply take you back—long time ago to the early of Romanesque and Gothic era.

Therefore, those who crave for a beautiful side from a small city, then Salzburg might be one of the answers.


Salzburg train station.


Hellein. A city nearby Salzburg.


A traditional view of Hallein.


Hallein salt mines was first found around 150 years ago. This salt mines was generated due to the movement of earth’s crust which trapped parts of Baltic Sea. As the sea water evaporated, the solidified salts remained, and was absorbed by soil. This Hallein salt mines’ tunnel has 1172 m length, and buried under 300 m of the ground. One of the amazing facts that I found that due to the natural temperature insulation inside the tunnel, the temperature will only stay at 10 degrees Celsius during all seasons, and Austria is not the only one who has this great salt mines, but also Germany (Bavaria) and France.


This salt lake inside the salt mines’ tunnel contains 98% of pure sodium chloride.


Ready for going 1700 m height. Close to Untersberg Mountain, Salzburg.


The amazing Untersberg Mountain.


Another view of the amazing Untersberg Mountain.


A Romanesque cathedral.


Salzburg centrum.


Mozart’s birthplace.


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