Homemade: Chicken Grilled

I am not a good cook. Neither have a big passion for cooking. But, living abroad–especially in a small city of the Netherlands–only gives you two options for having meals: 1) go to a restaurant (which you might have some issues with their opening hours and the price), or 2) cook the food by yourself. At last it really forces you to make a wise choice. And by doing some little mess in the kitchen, is my first place choice.

Then, it happened few days ago when I was stressed and tired and hungry.
Maybe it was just about the weather which was too warm, or maybe about the physiological pressure on my thesis, or maybe it was just the bad timing–hormonal–ah you name it. Everything just seemed to bring a lot of worries. Everything seemed not right. or Maybe it was me, too much whining.

So, there I was, in order to–somewhat–neutralize the bad mood or recharge the energy, I cooked.

I never made a kind of chicken grilled before. It just suddenly happened when I looked at my fridge, then the only thing that I had left was a chicken breast and green beans. With a very standard spice, I started to produce edible food.

Here is the list that you may need:
200 gr of boneless chicken breast (or you can have it little bit more if you are desperately hungry)
100 ml of lime juice (if you are not into acidic taste, then 100 ml might be that much)
1 or 2 tomatoes
2 garlic, chopped or smashed–whatever you want
1/2 red onions
chili powder
white pepper powder
pinch of salt
soy sauce (sweetness level: medium)
3 chilies, chopped

..and now, here it comes the fun part when you start mixing everything and just hope that it turns to be delicious at last!

  • First, the boneless chicken breast was seasoned with the chopped garlic, lime juice, salt, chili powder, and white pepper. Use a fork to make the garlic flavor or lime juice more into inside the chicken. Leave them for at least half an hour at room temperature, or you can do it overnight in a refrigerator (for God’s sake, now I am remembering when I was used to make lab protocol!)
  • Meanwhile, heat up your grill and put a little bit of olive oil on it. Do make sure that you use the cooking oil, not another one for salad dressing. As they have different boiling temperatures, then it would not be healthy to cook with the oil which can be degraded under 120 degrees Celsius.
  • Once you think the seasoning step is finished, the chicken is then ready to be grilled.
  • Even though it depends on its thickness, I grilled 7 minutes for each side of chicken breast.
  • Don’t make it over-cooked! As it might also contain higher carbon, and this is not health!
  • During the grilling process, you might also put the black pepper or salt just to give a texture on outer side of your grilled chicken. But, since I did not want to ruin the taste, then I just left them nicely cooked.
  • Serve your masterpiece with soy sauce, chopped red onions, chopped chili (if you do like more spicy taste), a little bit lime juice. Why did the lime juice again? Here I tell you a thing, that due to the heat from grilling process, the citrus flavor might be degraded as well. So, your chicken might taste less acidic. But again, just do this if you want to have a fresh and acidic grilled chicken!
  • Oh by the way, complete your chicken grilled with salad or stir fry vegetables.
  • and bon appetite!

Some pictures from my kitchen

IMG_3966-2 IMG_3967-2


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