A temptation named Roermond!

Those who love spending money for a beautiful thing in the name of fashion art and design, might definitely fall in love with this place. As hundred of sophisticated brands are available here. From Burberry, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Furla, Tommy Hilfiger, Swarovski, Guess, Desigual, Fossil, Mexx, Levi’s, Polo, S.Oliver—you name it, my readers. You’ll easily find your favorite brands here. PLUS, they offer their special discount price!!

Doesn’t make it even better? 😉
*I know*

But.. okay, you might arise a little curiosity here.. why does this magnificent place offer their special price? The answer is due to, they sell some products which have been launched this early year, or at the end of last year. It was not totally bad or out-of-dated or whatsoever, sometimes a vintage or retro style might be as fabulous as the latest ones, isn’t it? Anyway.. no need to worry, they have their latest products as well.

As an example, a watch from Fossil can be sold around 50€, while their original price may reach 150€. Or another is, a decent suit from Hugo Boss can have a price as 500€, from the original price around 1,000€. So, readers.. Just press your button luck, give a try by walking around, then let the unique and beautiful ones knock your heart (and your wallet as well)! The choice is fully yours!

Another good thing is, they will have a BIG discount twice a year! It happens in the Summer time (around July) and Winter (around December). So, if you plan to visit the Netherlands, and you have such big budget along with you, don’t forget to stop by. The name is Roermond, a city in the Southern part of the Netherlands. Near to Maastricht, or if you travel by train from Utrecht then it will take 1.5 hours. Oh by the way, Roermond is also beautiful. Here are some sneak peeks!

IMG_3993-2 IMG_4023-2 roermond1 roermond2

Happy shopping (and be wise)! 😉


2 thoughts on “A temptation named Roermond!

  1. Ah God! baru tau kalo kakak kandi pindah blog! *rusuh di blog english*

    castle on first photo is best, what building / castle is it kak??

    blognya well designed bgt, love gray and whiiteee >,<

    1. buahahahak!!
      tetep yee Ndie!!
      itu bukan castle tapi gereja. (ya meski kebanyakan orang di sini kagak beragama sik, jadi gereja itu cuma hiasan kota). #eaaa #malahkhosip

      makasih sudah mampir 😀

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