Time does fly and I am getting high!

If two years felt like a blink of eye, then I am wondering what kind of six months would be?

Yes, people. (If only you still be around)
I will have no weekend this time. *Not a really important news though*
Since my thesis presentation will be coming on the next few days,
and I am already nervous as hell!
As always.

Frankly.. I’m quite relieved to be at this point.
Since I have learnt terrible a lot during my research.
Not only about the theoretical things, but also about stress management and acceptance.
Really.. these latest six months were precious.

Well.. well.. well..
Before I am starting to mumble any other less important things,
I have to finish this post.

I am really looking forward to seeing the best result at the end.
Through a genuine help from Above,
Final presentation and thesis report,
here I come!

PS: oh by the way, wish me luck—would you?



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