All your Sorrows disappear

If only coincidences exist, so how many coincidences are placed in the fortune cookies?

Actually, I am not a typical of horoscope person, in which according to “the reader”, people personalities are divided into 12 major characteristics. Sadly though. Because this world would be less colorful if we only meet 12 kind of personalities, right?

But anyway… Two days ago (right before my Ramadhan officially started), my friends and I went to a sushi restaurant. Just to chill out-and-gather-and-celebrate the upcoming Ramadhan. Or maybe this was only our excuse to be permitted for being greedy before Ramadhan.

Further, after we finished with the dinner, the owner gave us a mint candy and a fortune cookie. I was surprised by reading the letter inside my fortune cookie. It said “all your sorrows disappear“. By that time, I was really touched. Those letters really represent the conditions that I have been experiencing now. One by one, slowly but sure, these recent times lead me to a relaxed feeling. No more stressful or worries. Oh, the merciful God. even though I do not know what the future may offer, but today is more than enough. The blessings are so real. So does the magical thing You have done.


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