Love the Love

I love the idea of loving and being loved. It might sound cheesy for some people, but I do not care. Because, love is actually wired us to help the survival of our species. It is because of love, we are able to increase the rate survival of our kids. Love makes two people are intimately bonding to each other. This bonding which further leads to a living life and creates a comfortable environment for kids to grow up in a mentally healthy.

Love, a feeling which is biochemically created by compounds named dopamine or norepinephrine, it turns to be an amazing gift that we could ask in our entire life. Based on research, these compounds help us to increase focus and make us to feel awesome all the time. Apparently, it is indeed true that love makes us excited in our daily life. Further, in psychology point of view, love conquers the ego. Love, works well to unite two different people. Love, makes you feel like at home, no matter how far you may go. Love eventually makes your life completed, along with the butterflies in your tummy and heartwarming memories to be remembered. You smile and you are happy, these are that matters most.

From those facts, then how could I not love the love?


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