North Sea Jazz 2013!

Well, yeah.. it is very obvious from the title that the story of this post will be definitely about North Sea Jazz 2013!

This event is apparently as the annual event during the summer break which is presented by the Netherlands. Indeed, it reminds me of Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta. Interestingly, although one day ticket in North Sea Jazz is 3-fold expensive than Java Jazz Festival, but this one day ticket means that you can watch the performances of all artists who present during the day.

So, no special ticket for (whatever) special show!
Is it good, isn’t it?

Okay, this event was successfully held in Ahoy Rotterdam on the last 12-14th of July. Even though I desperately craved for watching Jammie Cullum and John Legend (whom they performed at the same day), but I only bought one day ticket which the day of Sting’s performance.

It was simple.
Because, he is a living legend.
This reason was more than enough.

So, here are some photos from the place I watched.
I enjoyed every melody, rhythm, joyful of the crowd, and the togetherness with friends.

People is right, music is just not about a melody, but is more about unify the different people.
In different musics and songs, we danced the same steps.


Calexico. They have sound which blew over the dry plains of Arizona and Mexico. However, it was surprising that they also combine with Portuguese fado music and Caribbean. Kind of nice performance to open my North Sea Jazz experience.


Next Collective!!! This may be one of my favorite performances so far!! Along with “a harmony in diversities” theme, they successfully brought an amazing sound. Their music is influenced by hip hop, punk-funk, R & B and alternative pop music. In addition, all the members gifted arrangers. This fact makes them even perfect! (Oh, especially with that piano guy. He was too cool to not be paid attention to!!)

*Oh by the way, thank you for those who uploaded their performances during the North Sea Jazz! They were hilarious!!!*


Bobby Womack, began as lead singer of the family group The Valentinos and as guitarist with Sam Cooke. Now takes his career for over fifty years and included many different genres. He was surely good! but not my cup of tea.


Miguel! He is not just a R&B singer. But.. I do have apologize for this performance since I cannot enjoy every music he offered. His music was in between. I mean, it was not fully rock or R&B. He was using a lot of screaming thingy. (Sorry, Miguel!!)


Bonnie Raitt, a song-writer and a Grammy-winning album who delivered the musical traditions-blues and soul where she belongs. Her music was really nice. In addition, she has an amazing voice. What else I can say?

..and here’s part of the legend!!
Look at the crowd!! It was craaaazzzyyyyy!!! :”)))))



(Sorry the shaky though!)

Well.. well.. well..

I think this moment will be last forever in my head. As I can finally watch his live performance which was flawless!! Plus, he sang all my favorite songs! And especially for “Fragile”, I was shed a tear. However, I was really happy since I was able to record this song! In the following, you can find the video.

Along with the “Fragile” up in the air, then the North Sea Jazz 2013 is wrapped!


2 thoughts on “North Sea Jazz 2013!

  1. kenapa ga nonton Cullum sama si Jon kakk!! huaaaaaa….. sayang banget T.T

    tertanda dari generasi yang ga tau Sting itu apa
    *hammer fall*

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