About two weeks ago, I visited Luxembourg with a friend of mine. However, we only spent two days for traveling. Just like as always—another short trip.

Honestly, I, or practically we, did not have any expectations about the city (or, even more for the country). My friend visited Luxembourg just because this country is started with L, and I guest that she is on a mission to visit many countries which is started from A to Z. Meanwhile, I was not having any special intentions though, since Luxembourg was not a country in my wishlist. I just would like to have a break (as always) in the middle of my internship. You know, I am a typical person who cannot stay and persistent to do a daily routine activity for such a long period. I need to have a break, which is a totally different activity in between, just to keep my sanity alive. If I did not do it, I did not know how to survive. Like, seriously I had no idea. So, there I was. The traveling would always be a definite choice.

In Luxembourg, I only visited Luxembourg city. Oh, forgive my ignorance, but I do not know how many cities belong to Luxembourg country. Most probably, only a few.

So, Luxembourg is surprisingly beautiful. Although it is a typical European architecture. The style was influenced by Gothic and Roman era, just like the rest of European countries have. However, what makes Luxembourg is unique, because of the landmark! They have some hills, with the bricks and non-flat roads, some huge bridges and the mixture of modern and historical buildings in a very limited space. At some point, I was like in Spain or Italy, but at some point, I felt like in France. Moreover, my visit to Luxembourg was at a perfect time, since they held a Jazz and Blues music festival for free. So, I just came and enjoyed musics from one stage to another stage which were placed around the city. Yes, the stages were around the city. It really reminds me of Wageningen when they celebrate the Liberation Day.

The thing that I do not like from Luxembourg was, let’s say–it was kind of difficult to find a decent restaurant with a proper menu or at least coffee and snack. Plus, they charge much expensive than I usually have in the Netherlands. Crazy though. But, anyway, I cannot complain since I had no options left. :p

Okay, these following picture were some memories left from Luxembourg.







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