So, according to Wikipedia, Berlin has about 3.3 million citizens, of which approximately 3,000 people are the Indonesian students.

Is that incredible, isn’t it?
Not only Chinese people, but now Indonesians are also everywhere.

So, as the capital city of Germany, Berlin is home to renowned universities, research institutes, orchestras, museums, and celebrities and is host to many sporting events. Its urban setting and historical legacy have made it a popular location for international film productions. The city is well known for its festivals, diverse architecture, nightlife, contemporary arts, public transportation networks, and a high quality of living. (Wikipedia, 2013)

Further, as the additional information, Berlin offers the easiness for tourists. It has a very-cheap-one-day-Tram ticket. You can go from western to the eastern part of Berlin for almost 24 hours and only costs 3 euro! Now, compared with the Netherlands, with the same amount, you’ll go nowhere but a cup of cappuccino. Oh well, not to mention the price of Kebab. In Berlin, they put 3 euro as the compensation and you can bring it home with the bigger size. Still, compared with the Netherlands, you’ll come back home empty handed. Two developed countries, leading in the same continent, the country’s border is next to each other, but the prices are slightly different. Governance sometimes works in a very surprising way.

However, thing that I like the most about Berlin is the art gravity on wall.
That such a beautiful art displays in almost every corner of the city. But still, the most beautiful ones are on the Berlin Walls. They just look so pretty. Despite all the histories behind, these beautiful piece of arts tell another story and memory.

IMG_8628-3 IMG_8626-3 IMG_8625-3 IMG_8624-3 IMG_8621-2 IMG_8612-3 IMG_8610-3 IMG_8608-3 IMG_8711-3






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