Here, I tell you a secret.

Apparently, no matter how tremendously the world turns upside down, we—as a single person is always coming back to basic. We own for at least a secret to be kept. A secret which makes us separated from the public attention. A secret which makes us able to define a private border.

However, It is not true when we say “we keep a secret“. Because the secret works the other way around.

A secret keeps us save, instead.

A secret when I keep the love feeling inside, and not to tell to whom I am falling for. The implicit feeling that I carry as a secret will always save me from the disappointment or brokenhearted. The implicit feeling which always provides me with an eternal coriosity or another riddle to be solved. The secret feeling brings an eternal sparkle. One of the needed elements when we would have a living life.

Here, I tell you the secret of a secret.
That there is always thoughtful secret lays on every secret that you may have.


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