A Month of Goodbye(s) (2)

Let’s continue with another story!

The second post was about a boy who is originally from West Java. I may say that he could be a very Sundanese person that I’ve ever known. His dialect was really obvious. He has a very good sense of humor. When I said very good, well… it means VERY good. He often says something which is totally funny without any expression comes along.

I mean.. how come?

How could you say a joke, and it is totally an awesome joke, and you are very cold about that! No expression, no excitement, no whatever—nothing! He just says it in a very normal way, it is like his sentence has no special meaning. Probably when God created him years ago, he surely got a bunch of genes that are able-to-make-people-happy, but you always looked cold!

Ah.. probably that was the reason why he got a label as the charismatic guy during his Bachelor study. 😀

Well, another story about him, that he turns to be a serious photographer. I thought that he started later than me, but now.. his equipment are already over the top! He also has a good sense of taking pictures, which I know for sure, that he could get wayyyy more better through some experiences.

The thing that would be connected him easily, is that his habit which always be sleepy. He can even sleep during the daylight or early evening. He is not a good cook and he is a typical traditional person when it comes to food.

He is more into the simple Indonesian dishes, than a complicated or decent spaghetti from the popular restaurant. Unfortunately, he cannot drink milk. As I assume that he has such an indication of lactose intolerant. He drinks coffee a lot. And smokes a lot. Sometimes, he really needs to pay attention to his health.

Anyway.. he is such a good friend. He always gives his hands when somebody really needs a help. A loyal and humble person. His least expectations always take him to a surprising journey. The scholarship, and not to mention his internship in Caribbean.

A week after this boy left, he also left for Indonesia.

He already had a job there. In a government office of the Forestry department. Hopefully he also finds an excitement as much as he already experienced here. Last but not least.. may he finds his love of life very very soon!

See you, Atep!

Keep humble as you truly are! 🙂


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