A Month of Goodbye(s) (3)

So, at the same day this boy left, another friend of mine also left.

Let’s call him as “Pak De”, which means the older person! 🙂

Although I did not that close to him, but one thing for sure, that he is the right person to talk to. Once you started a discussion with him, then it will go on and on and on and on and on and on, until you realize that you already spend 3 hours of talking.

I remember one time when we had such a thoughtful discussion about how molecular approaches reveal the mystery of life.

As I am a Molecular Life Sciences student, that discussion really triggered my excitements. I really explained every single detail how molecular techniques could be used to trace back the living things information from many years ago. I also explained how DNA-test to identify the family tree, or to detect any defects in genetics.

The discussion did not stop. It even get wilder.

He asked me about, if all molecular approaches sound to be very precise and powerful, we could clone a human, right? Along with the high quality genes inside. So, no more inherited diseases, no more issues in brain activity, or something alike.

To be honest, I was taking time to answer it.

Not only the question is somewhat powerful yet tricky, but also that question needed more than a stereotypical answer.

Let’s say an ethical issue, because it is prohibited to have a cloning model in human. Another thing is, that how hard we try to reveal the signaling pathways in human metabolisms, but still… we never get close. They are just too massively complicated. A certain gene can regulate many genes, another gene does nothing, while other genes do everything. Surprisingly, these million genes are functioned at the right places and at the right moments. One can be replaced by others. Another one is simply irreplaceable. Not to mentions such an event of hormone crosstalk also contributes to this confusing paths beyond of our thoughts.

Anyway.. I knew exactly at that time, whether I tried to give my best answers, they were just the stereotypical ones.

At last, I just said, “maybe if we could really create a human, that would probably mean, we have faced the end of the world“.

Then, he laughed hard at this.

Ah, Pak De.. congratulations as your study is finished on time. I am always amazed with your enthusiastic and spirit. Not to mention your wise words and your jokes. May you continued success in Indonesia, as well as have a great time with your wife and your two adorable kids.

See you either in Lampung or Yogya! 🙂


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