A Month of Goodbye(s) (4)

Apparently, on September 5, 2013, God would like to train my feelings. Instead of two, there were three friends of mine left the Netherlands at the same day.

If the previous stories about the boys, then now it is the turn for the girl.

This girl is originally from Central Java, but apparently she spent most of her time in West Java. Since she was younger, she was involved in a traditional musical club (Angklung) which brought her to Europe trip. In that journey, her group held a concert from a city to another city. Don’t ask how much appreciations that they may get from audiences. I am pretty sure that it will be a totally hugeeeee! What an amazing experience!

She is a lucky girl, right?

Her wonderful life did not stop until that point. She managed to have Bachelor study in one of the acknowledged university in Indonesia, and after she graduated, she ever got a scholarship in Germany, which ended up as her cancellation.

The reasons why?

Oh c’mon.. put your nose away under the people’s business, Because, that may be her top secret! 😉

Later on, she was finally accepted as the scholar of Anna van den Baan grant, which brought her to Wageningen University with the study program of Environmental Sciences.

She is an attractive person. She could be so funny and extrovert, but there will be a time, that she could be introvert and sensitive person. She is clever and full of surprises. And I think that she was born with so many talents. She can do anything,

Oh wait.. revised!

Probably not with the karaoke thingy without the leading vocal. Otherwise, she will end up one note higher, or one note lower.

She is in LOVE with Sting, Daniel Craig, Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, and Hauke.

For the latest, you might not ever heard about that guy. Because he is not an actor, nor musician. Hauke is one of the professor in the university. Apart from that the professor is good looking, I almost have no clue why she adores him that much.

Another thing about her, that she can cook. I like her baked-honey chicken recipe. She loves CHIPS a lot. And she only has two grades for food; either “delicious” or “very delicious”. Therefore, when it comes to food, she is a very flexible person. She can compromise with many menus or variants.

Although this almost a month after she went back home, but I don’t know why, I have some feelings that sooner or later she will be around. Apart from her strong connection with Dutch bread and pindakaas which are almost impossible to be separated, I think that her life is much more challenging, yet productive and living when she is in the Dutch ambient.


Come back here again, Cong!

The Netherlands always waits for you! 🙂


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