A Month of Goodbye(s) (5)

Now I have to apologize for missing one person in these goodbye posts. A story about him should be written as the first, since he was the person left earlier. But anyway… I am pretty sure that he understands about this. 🙂

Okay.. now let’s talk about a boy again.

He is originally from Bali and has a keen passion in Microbiology. During his senior high school, he ever participated in a very popular competition, named a National (or International, sorry I forgot) Biology Olympiad. No doubt that his journey in Wageningen University went smooth and well.

The first time that I knew him when we were taking the same course at Period 4. My first impression, that he is typical a serious and geek. As time goes by, I get a chance to know him better. However, not entirely my assumption went wrong, but apparently he could go crazy as well. He loves football and such a good teacher for squash. I often have discussions with him, not only about the courses, but also many things. He is a good listener, as well as the good adviser. He often says “keep calm… relaxed… nothing to worry about”. But, I know for sure, that he might not really think about being calm or relaxed when something urgent is really happening. :’))

Together with the other two of our friends, we traveled to Italy and Spain during the winter break. It was such a pleasant time. Because, we visited many places. We laughed a lot. We ate a lot.

Now, the time has come for him to come back for good. I wish him continued sharing with the knowledge he already had.

See you again in Bali, Bli!


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