A Month of Goodbye(s) (1)

A theory says, that when there is a meeting, there will be a goodbye. Life always comes in balance and never ever too early or even little bit later.

However, as much as I truly understand how the life roughly works, but I am just a human being, never get accustomed with goodbye(s). No matter how many times I have been trained or facing those typical situations. A goodbye always shakes my consciousness little bit. Reminds me again, that nothing lasts forever.

I do apologize if the upcoming consecutive posts will be mainly about goodbye(s). I promise to not make it sounds very pathetic or sad or lame or exaggerated. But, well.. I’ll try, and you tell me later. 🙂

So, the first goodbye was from a boy, who in these recent months always called me with “sister” (or “kakak” in Bahasa Indonesia). He already married few months ago. Right before he defensed his thesis. I was surely surprised, because he was in silence and not telling anyone about his BIG plans. He seemed to be a certified secret keeper, as all his friends knew nothing about it. Anyway.. we (his friends and I) always wish him for the best. Not only with his future carreer, but also his responsibility in family, which I have a faith in me; he will do a good job.

Many things that make me easily remember about him. Apart from that he is a good cook. He is also a very loyal friend and kind of sensitive person. He could be so persuasive, yet at the same time, he could also show his doubts. The unique person with his passion in forest management and policy. Love to buy some expensive and limited editions stuff. Do not ask how many jerseys he already bought. I guess that all his collections might fill the whole cupboard. Another thing is that he always challenges himself to do something “illegal”. (Oh well.. don’t imagine something really bad though). But, here I give you an example: so, in Wageningen, we have some ducks or birds which have been protected by Government. They have a specific identifier which is tied on their feet. This means, if you try to mess up with them, you most probably will be sanctioned by the Government.

Unfortunately, this lovely boy did not really care about it. He tried to catch the ducks instead.

Then what happened?

I did not know if he was just not lucky or the universe had another conspiracy, but he failed to catch any single duck.

I still remembered that how many times he was talking about that failure plan. Sadly, he did not have enough time to redo it.

Around the end of August, I have to say goodbye to him.

As his study in Wageningen University was finished, now it is time to him to accompany her wife who just started her study in Washington.

I was seeing his off in the Airport that day, but still… I know that thing would be different afterwards. Especially in our student housing, I live at the same floor as he did, although in the different corridor. Right from my window, I can clearly see his room. Sometimes I found him in balcony and then we started yelling at each other from our own windows.

Ah.. my brother.. have a joyful life there!

See you in Washington! 🙂


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