Een Fijn Moment in Maastricht

It’s been a while that I no longer update this blog. It was a classical excuse though. I have been busy with the lab works, conferences, and many other things, of which makes me think that a day would probably be super amazing if it would have had more than 24 hours. I sometimes wake up in the morning and look at all the to-do-list for the day, then I already start panicking. It always leads me to a thinking, which part that I should do first, which one that I can leave for another day.

..but, OK. Enough for a boring story.

Long story short, I finally able to have a break last week, and I went to Maastricht impulsively.

2013-12-08 23.02.33

My destination was the Christmas market which was located in the center.

Like the usual Christmas market, you will easily find the seller of poffertjes, waffles, various fried snacks, and last but not least, they will also provide you with the (small) amusement park!

2013-12-08 23.00.45

..and as my most favorite one would be the ice skating arena. That was my first time to do ice skating, it was pretty hard indeed, as I fell down many times. Ice skating makes the 1 – 2 meters distance seems to be far far away, meanwhile induces the synthesis of adrenaline hormone even more.

Although I managed it at last, the ice skating reminds me of children, whom are learning to walk for the first time. No matter how many times they fall down, they keep trying. They are completely fearless, although they have no idea what the consequences would be. The only thing that probably cross their minds: I have to be the master of this thing. They are straight ahead. They stand still.

As we grew up, the moment of fearless are farther away. We are more likely to think about everything. We sometimes are afraid to make mistakes or learn the new things. The ice skating drives me crazy. Even more, I really thought how my feet should be moved before they actually moved. I thought about how to synchronize their angles, as well as how to stop my steps. Which, I found it so strange. Why should I think about all of those? If I can manage it, the answer is simple: I will fall down. Although this is less likely, as my friend held my hand, thus he will make sure that I will not fall down.

Probably I am just growing older. I am more convenient to have less risks. I am more into the predictable situations.

2013-12-08 23.07.27


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