Will I Survive?

Life is much challenging these days. Not to mention some bad news from my home country–which is still about the politicians and their criminal related issues, or some protests on Doctor ethical works, or the latest about the religion. Honestly, I often avoid reading the newspapers. Especially from my home country. Call me the ignorant or whatsoever, but well.. I am just trying to surround myself with some positive values or the motivated ones.

I honestly realize, that the two years of living experience in the Netherlands, slowly but sure, changes me into a different person. This experience has surely contented me with some valuable aspects, however in the other side, makes me more vulnerable to the most-of-news-that-I-heard-from-my-home-country.

It is probably true, that the reverse culture shock is much more dangerous than the culture shock. Even more, when you are living in a very comfortable place. Oh well.. although I do not like the weather in the Netherlands, and also with the fact that the Netherlands is thousands miles away from Indonesia, still, I like living here. With all the sophisticated facilities and the trend of global thinking, those two things are the fundamental things that I could ask for.

However, I know that I have to come back.
And this post is just a temporal mumbling.
Because as far as I know,
I always find thousand reasons for falling in love with my home country.
Again and again.

..and I, have no doubt.


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