Recipe: Klapertaart

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So, last night I had a Christmas dinner with all people in my lab. The concept is something like “a potluck dinner”. Each of us needs to bring something to eat; either as main dishes, side dishes, starter or dessert, and also we have to specify whether the food is vegetarian, or not.

As I am not a super amazing cook, then if I have to choice to serve many people, I will go for cooking the Indonesian dessert or side dish.

Because, how worst you could be by cooking the dessert, right?
Dessert is dessert. They only have two options: either delicious or really delicious.

So, finally, I made the klapertaart.
They tasted refreshing and not too sweet. This was indeed what I would like to have. Because, generally, klapertaart is too sweet. And I can’t stand with that.

The following is the recipes and how you do it.
Just in case, you want to give yourself a try! :p

Things you need:
1L of soya milk
2tbs of wheat flour
2tbs of condensed milk
50g butter
50g margarine
3 egg yolks
pinch of salts
vanilla extract
young coconut, as much as you want

Here it comes the magic:
prepare all the ingredients, and leave at room temperature for at least half an hour (this is to adjust the temperature, especially if they are previously stored in the fridge).

mix all the ingredients in a large bowl/pan just before you cook. make sure everything is there (except young coconut)! once you heat it up, you can’t add any dairy products. therefore, if you’re not sure the eggs will be sufficient enough to emulsify all ingredients together, just add an extra one to the mixture. it’ll be no problem though.

boil the mixture with the medium heat (important!). stir continuously at one direction; either clockwise or counterclockwise. (why? trust me, you don’t want to have a messy separated emulsion :p)

keep stirring until you get a condensed solution (it might take–at least–half an hour). at this point, add the young coconut. cook for at least 10 more minutes. and keep stirring!

pour the mixture on a baking pan/cup/whatever you like. leave at room temperature to evaporate the heat. then put in the fridge for at least 1-2 h.

meanwhile, you can fry some almonds. once your tart is set, add some cinnamon powder on top. it will add another strong taste.

best served when it’s cold.

Good luck, readers!

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