It is cool to be kind.

Sometimes, as human beings, we are likely to put so much efforts of being selfish centrist. We often think that the world turns around us (of which unfortunately it is not and it will never be). We are often in love to call ourselves as the poorest people on earth, just because because we have one or two problems to solve. We worship the idea of being honored and respected. However, we are often blurred to see the essential things that we need to do to make the earth—or practically the place surround us—becomes a better place to live in.

I am not trying to be cynical, or to be a left-socialist person though. But, it is true that it is cool to be kind. Let this our once living life experience may also be filled with some deeds that are helpful for others. Not to ask for anything in returns, unless the peace.

Here, for the inside our hearts, and there, for our surroundings.

I also know, that nowadays we are enlightened with some ideas about the sustainability or how to save the earth from the global warming, less food, or unpredictable poverty. However, I honestly agree with some professors who also say that the sustainability is not just about that low definitions. Earth does not need to be saved. As it always has a way back to be as usual. The thing is, we only need to save us–the human beings. To this end, I also agree that it is more into our options to share the good things with others. Because I believe, one good deed for one person is the actual sustainable act. Nothing is more peaceful than having a peaceful mind, right? Once we had that in our daily life, I believe that we can do more and more the efficient choices both for ourselves and our surroundings. If we can be rude or cruel, then we can definitely be a good people. Because naturally, no one is born as an evil.

So, shall we start it together?

Because, today is never being too late than yesterday.


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