A Dedicated TV Channel

No one ever likes spoiler.

Okay, probably it depends on the cases. But, generally speaking when it comes to movie, most of people hate spoilers, including me as well. I, practically, do not care about how good or bad the movie would be. The one and only thing of my concern is, that spoiler kills the joy of expectations and imaginations.


So, although I have not yet experienced any spoilers about Sherlock TV series (oh well. this post is still about Sherlock though. Bear with me), but I do really appreciate what the BBC One did for the Sherlock Series 3. They updated their twitter account as the following.

I found it very sweet and thoughtful. Such a good willing of this TV channel to appreciate the viewers. However, if you really missed the Sherlock airing on TV, just stay away from internet, until you get a chance to watch it by yourself.

The virtual world is sometimes so cruel.
Spoilers are everywhere, even though you are not willing to search for it.



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