As the rest of almost 10 million people in this world, I am also one of the loyal fans of Sherlock BBC Series.

Finally, after the long two years of waiting, Sherlock is finally at home again. The new episode was opened by the “Empty Hearse”. The 221B Baker Street is never as crowd as this before.

First, thanks to Universe, thus we ever had such a brilliant person named Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Later on, I also have to thank for the hard work of Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat for bringing up such a remarkable TV series as Sherlock. Although I watch many TV series, but this one, I have to say, always has a special place in my heart. I feel fun, thrilled, and challenged to guest what come’s next. It is probably silly though, but I still remember some dialogues once I finished watching every episode. This TV series is like a beautifully terrifying mind inception. You just know how to fall in love with it, but you are never told how to stop it.

In Sherlock TV Series, you can definitely find a remarkable performance of every actor and actress. Of course, our first main intention would be the Sherlock Holmes character itself. The peculiar charm of Benedict Cumberbatch, flawlessly delivered the deductive detective soul, with some adjustments here and there, hence it fits to the modern day. The message as a high functioning sociopath was really there. His typical voice, the sharp eyesight, feeling of confused, the way of his giggles, smiles, the high collar, and the remarkable coat, were just over the top. Realized or not, Benedict was really serious in term of growing an army of female fans.

Not to mention Martin Freeman as Dr John Watson. His act was perfect and strengthening the whole idea of Sherlock the Series. Some people might say that his role would be a minor or he is just like a helping hand for Sherlock. But, I disagree. Without the present of John Watson, Sherlock would be far away of enjoyable.

Then, we also have Una Stubbs as Mrs. Hudson. “A typical mother” figure who will love unconditionally those two guys. Acceptance of forgiveness and timeless kindness. Next, we talk about Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper, of which in Series 3 Episode 1, there was a moment that I surely believe, makes all the girls in this entire planet wish to be her! In Molly Hooper, we learn something, that sometimes the unrequited love happens. Don’t put so much efforts into yourself, because some stories are really not meant to be. However, we always deserve for someone who fits us best. And they are just out there.

However, I have to say, that Moriarty was my favorite cast. His dark side of psychopathy, mind trick, manipulative, greediness were scary me a lot. Sherlock really has an equal enemy. Andrew Scott nailed it! (which unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to him at the end of Series 2)

Last but not least, the powerful man Mycroft Holmes which was performed by Mark Gatiss. He is a helpful and intuitive brother that Sherlock couldn’t ask for more.

By then, my journey of the first day in 2014 was beautifully wrapped with the appearance of Sherlock Series 3! Such a good feeling to start the new year. Hope you also enjoy it as much as I do!

As the closing of this post, here is a sneak peek from New Year’s Eve in Wageningen, the Netherlands. It was freaking cool! I enjoyed almost an hour of fireworks war. Not only Gementee (local government, red), but also every house has their own gigantic fireworks. Not wondering if the party is still going on and on. Because, the night is still too young as the new year only started an hour or so.



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