A Rollercoaster Ride

Deep down inside, I am a fainthearted person. I always get frightened when I have to give a public speaking, regardless how many the audiences would be. It always happens on the day of presentation, I completely lost my appetite, which surprisingly, I never feel hungry during the day. Instead, I feel excited and fully energy contented.

Then, when my time finally comes. By the time I click the first slide, it is like the Universe gives me such an incredible power. No more freaking out, nor fearful. However, at the last of my presentation, I will always be brought to the first feeling: frightened. My brains spin around, full of the worst of speculations.

But, then here it comes a surprising moment, when some people come to you, and told you that you did a great job. You spoke English fluently. Your presentation was easy to follow although it was a tough subject. You were so relaxed. Smiling a lot. Giving a joke. It feels like you already did it hundred times. In short, they enjoyed it. By the time I heard it, I felt like tons of weights lifted up from my shoulders.

Oh well, thanks to the directness of most people has here. They do not hesitate telling you what is already good or the things you need to improve. It helps me a lot. Not only enhancing my performance, but also strengthening my self confident. And the latter is the most important one.

Indeed, giving a presentation is nothing, but a rollercoaster ride.


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