Two years of worth waiting for

I know exactly what I am heading to when I am falling in love: a contented subjective assessment. “Human error” Sherlock said. Nevertheless, I always give myself a try.

Ever since his return, Sherlock is moving tenderly. From a consulting detective, to the high functioning sociopath with a big heart. Sherlock’s been slightly off-kilter, we’ve seen him afraid, we’ve seen him confused. Indeed he is emotional. At the first episode, we observed the challenging reunion, which was followed by the astonishing best man’s speech at the second episode. Some deductions here and there, which were more interesting, as his mind-palace was slightly influenced by other person, Mycroft (or even John) for example. Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat brought him to a basic; A terribly human. Of which, I did love it.

However, the season finale offered the brilliant plot that we’ve been left for craving. A magnificent twist. The unexpected masterminded planner, death and goodbye(s). Until we heard the ringtone of “staying alive” almost at the end of the movie. And you know what does it mean, that there is no other correlation of it, unless Moriarty. A double fake-out or just-whatsoever-trick that Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat played around. It was a bloody rollercoaster ride.

Farewell for now, Sherlock.
In the meantime, I’ll give time enough time until 2016.


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