A Girl from Ireland.

Last month I get a chance to travel to London, UK. Like the usual, I stayed in a hostel, which is quite near to the Victoria train station. In a room full of 6 females, I met a girl from Ireland. My first impression, that she was very friendly. She first said hello and even introduced her name. Later, she talked about why did she come to London. Not for a vacation apparently, but was more about a job.

So, as the economic crisis arisen in Europe in recent periods, to find a suitable job might be another difficulty to tackle. Therefore, I could really imagine how happy she is that she finally found one. So, while she was arranging some administrations for her job and a suitable apartment to live in, she’d then prefer to stay in a hostel for a while.

Another thing is, apart from the fact that she is a lovely and beautiful girl, she has a personal matter. Of which she always wears a hearing aid for her left ear. She said that it would be extremely difficult to hear any sound without using it. However, I did not ask a further question of how she get lost her hearing ability. As I felt that such a typical question might not be appropriate.

Later, we talked about many things. From my interest on travel, my activity in the Netherlands and so on. Until we finally came up with the female thingy: the bloody period! (Although I hardly remembered why we talked about such that thing).

Long story short, she then asked whether I ever taken a birth control pill. Because what she heard from her Chinese friend, that generally speaking, to control the period, girls in Chinese take an injection which could stop their period up until 3 years!

I was extremely surprised!

How could you be very rude to your own body? The woman period is a very natural thing to happen. Not having the period for almost 3 years might cause a serious problem for your hormonal balance. Not to mention your fertility health, emotion, and so on.

Probably, I would not be able to understand such a background knowledge behind that.

So, coming back to the birth control pill.
Then I said to her “why should I take the birth control pill?”
She replied, “you know, you avoid of being pregnant”
“Oh for God’s sake, of course I extremely know how does the birth control pill work. But, the thing is, I am not urged to use it”
She was quite surprised and asked “Really? Not even once?”
To ended the discussion, then I put my final answer, “nope”

…and she was still surprised.


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